Aeropress Flow Control Cap


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Boost your coffee-making skills with the Aropress Flow Control Filter Cap, designed to give you ultimate control over your brew. This game-changing cap features a pressure-sensitive valve that stops any drip-through, letting you fine-tune your coffee game. Perfectly compatible with AeroPress Original, AeroPress Go, and AeroPress Clear coffee makers, this cap works like a charm with both metal and paper filters. Experiment with espresso-like crema or coarser grounds to get your perfect cup. Note: Not a fit for AeroPress XL.

Product Highlights:

  • Master Your Brew: Snap the Flow Control Filter Cap onto your AeroPress Original, Go, or Clear to stop that annoying drip-through. This lets you extend your brew time and even use coarser, pre-ground coffee.
  • Crema Like a Pro: Pair this cap with a paper filter and some dark roast, and you’ll get that espresso-style crema thanks to the built-up pressure.
  • Choose Your Filter: Whether you’re into AeroPress Stainless Steel Filters or the Paper Micro-Filters, this cap works with both. Mix and match to find your flavor sweet spot. (Filters sold separately, by the way.)
  • Compatibility: This cap’s your buddy if you’ve got an AeroPress Original, Go, or Clear. Just a heads up, it won’t fit the AeroPress XL. And if you’ve got an older AeroPress Original from before 2014, we don’t recommend using this cap due to some material changes.