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AeroPress XL


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Aerobi finally buckeled to the wishes of their customers and built the AeroPress XL. If you’re a fan of AeroPress, you might want to know about their upgraded press. It’s got the same patented tech but now comes with double the capacity. Also included is a 590ml carafe made from shatterproof Tritan, so it’s pretty sturdy.

  • Brewing Tech: This device uses a 3-in-1 brew system that mixes the best parts of different brewing methods. You get coffee that’s smooth, rich, and has a full-bodied finish that sticks around.
  • Portability: It’s compact, durable, and lightweight, making it easy to take with you. So you don’t have to settle for subpar coffee when you’re away from home.
  • Reviews: This thing’s got a ton of love—45K+ five-star reviews from over 60 countries. People seem to dig it.

What Sets AeroPress Coffee Apart?

  • Versatile Brewing: The 3-in-1 system uses immersion, aeration, and pressure for a unique flavor. You can make American coffee, cold brew, espresso, and lattes in about a minute. Feel free to play around with temperature, grind size, and immersion time to get your perfect brew.
  • Fast Immersion: Unlike other presses, this one includes filtration. That means you can use finer grind coffee, which brews quicker and gives you a cup that’s less acidic and grit-free.
  • Air Pressure System: The plunge system uses a gentle pressure to push water through the coffee grounds. This aeration process extracts pure, fresh flavors, giving your coffee a unique body and finish.