Finca Atzompa - Mexico - 250g

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Origin:       Mexico

Region:      Naranjal, Veracruz

Cultivar:    Geisha & Bourbon

Process:    Washed

Altitude:    1300 masl


Situated in the remote hills of Xochitlán, Mexico sits Finca Atzompa, tended for over 80 years by the loving hands of three generations. The farm's history began in 1940 when Pascual Márquez Mendoza, through tremendous sacrifice and tireless work, purchased the 2.5 hectare plot at 1300 meters above sea level.

Recognizing the land's potential for exceptional coffee, Don Pascual planted a diversity of heirloom varieties including Geisha, Bourbon and Criollo. For over eight decades since, his successors have carefully upheld his cultivation practices and passion for quality.

Granddaughter Araceli Márquez Hernández carries forward this heritage today, leading a small team in meticulous hand-picking and processing to produce the farm's signature elegant coffees. From harvest to export, each step honors Don Pascual's legacy of unwavering dedication to their craft.

The land is fertilized using only organic compost to enrich the shaded plants. Regular prunings and weed removal maintain optimal growth. After selective picking, the perfectly ripe cherries are pulped, fermented, washed and sun-dried on raised beds for 15-20 days. The resulting parchment coffee is stored for two months before its coveted export.

Whilst no formal programs are attached to the farm, preserving the land using sustainable techniques is a social commitment. Challenges like pests are overcome through vigilance and care for the crops. Looking ahead, the goal is to expand production and secure fair pricing to sustain future generations on this ancestral plot.

For Araceli, Finca Atzompa represents a family treasure and a lifetime bond to Xochitlán's coffee lands. Each harvest is a renewal of Don Pascual's vision - one of unwavering dedication to producing an exemplary cup reflecting their patch of earth in tiny delicious sips.