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ESPRESSO - Santa Cruz - Brazil - 250g

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kr108.70 (Ex. MVA)
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Origin:        Brazil

Region:       Comunidade Mendonca

Cultivar:      Arara

Producer:   Joaquim Ribeiro Almeida

Process:      Natural

Altitude:     1000masl

The Santa Cruz Coffee Farm is a testament to the determination and resilience of Joaquim Ribeiro Almeida and his family. Joaquim's upbringing was deeply rooted in agriculture, as his parents worked as farm laborers, participating in coffee harvesting on larger estates.  Joaquim, now a young man, continued his involvement in coffee production, but this time, it was on their own land. The shift from laboring on others' farms to cultivating their own marked a significant turning point for the Almeida family. During this time, Joaquim crossed paths with Marcia, who hailed from a family deeply entrenched in coffee cultivation, much like his own. As the years went by, Joaquim and Marcia's hard work and dedication bore fruit – both literally and metaphorically.