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Comandante C40 Nitro Blade Hand Grinder


kr3,350.00 - kr3,495.00 (Inc. MVA)
kr2,680.00 - kr2,796.00 (Ex. MVA)
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C40 Nitro Blade is the result of a group in Germany who take their grinding very, very seriously.

They are not just beautiful, but extremely good at their job and not so much effort to use, especially compared with most other hand grinders out there. The steel of the grinding burrs is specially treated to make it exceptionally hard which results in a burr set that will last a very long time whilst still performing amazingly.

Also a great travel companion paired with an Aeropress or a Kalita filter holder and some filters. No excuse for bad coffee while traveling.

I could go on about grind distribution tests that have been done and the resulting extraction results and so on, but I'm guessing if you are interested in those results you probably already know. If not, just ask and I can point you to them.

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