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CAFEC AeroPress filter


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All Cafec filters share a unique feature: the water flows evenly through them thanks to the evenly distributed pores created by a special rolling method. Our Aeropress filter uses what’s known as the ‘wet-crepe method.’ This makes one side a bit smoother than the other. For the best results, we recommend having the smooth side face the coffee, but both sides work great.

The crepe is only on one side, resulting in a lower total surface area, which makes the paper denser. Thanks to this high density, the filter does a better job at catching fine coffee grounds, leading to a clearer brew.

These filters are made by the Japanese manufacturer Sanyo Sangyo and are produced in Beppu, Japan. Cafec filters are designed specifically for specialty coffee and are considered the best in the market for hand brewing.

Designed for use with specialty coffee
More uniform filters – no thinner or denser areas
Made from paper (virgin pulp)
Precision-cut to fit perfectly with the classic Aeropress brewer
0.15 mm thickness
Each pack contains 100 filters