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Black Mirror 2 Smart Pour-over Coffee Scale


kr2,850.00 (Inc. MVA)
kr2,280.00 (Ex. MVA)
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The upgraded Black Mirror 2 smart pour-over coffee scale will offer you an extremely pleasant experience. Its stable and elegant pour-over stand and Black Mirror simple scale demonstrate modern design aesthetics. With comprehensive brewing information, pour-over data can be completely controlled. The smartphone APP has been fully updated. When connected via Bluetooth, a mobile phone will clearly display relevant data.

It's time to unveil a totally immense, long awaited product from the amazing team at Timemore...the Black Mirror. We just know you'll love it, the packaging, the matt black body and the way it vibrates a little when you switch it on. All that before you've even started using it!

At first glance you'd be forgiven for thinking it was an awesome looking dripstand, it is, but it's a dripstand with bells, whistles and revolutionary powers! The invisible black base of the drip stand gives away nothing until you switch it one and the led screen comes to life. A simple and elegant display gives you the weight of both your poured water and the liquid you get out - at the same time! 

This is a revolutionary piece of kit is not just a smart scale but it has dual sensors so you can weigh the total water you pour and a separate scale ensures you've got the exact weight of coffee you have brewed.  It does it simultaneously!   So well thought through is this product that the  dripstand is also detachable from the scale and height adjustable.

Loads of info here:


  • Connects via bluetooth / wifi to an app for dual brewing graph and information
  • Patented Inbuilt dual scale to measure total water & extracted coffee
  • Removable & adjustable stand bracket - remove the bracket for single sensor mode
  • Aluminium stand
  • 24h+ hours of battery life - rechargeable
  • Surface of the panel is water resistant
  • 1 year warranty for normal coffee making use
  • Capacity: Bottom scale 2kg, upper scale 1kg
  • Comes with a heat resistant silicon pad to rest the server on, a charging cable & user manual
  • Measurements : base 13.5 x 15cm


  • Always place your scale on a flat, stable surface
  • Do not use whilst on charge
  • The charging port & socket of bracket should not be in contact with water - do not soak the unit.
  • Do not  over extend the bracket or adjustable angle over the limit, it will get damaged.