Laayyoo - Ethiopia - ESPRESSO - 250g

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All the fruits....Complex & juicy
Origin:          Ethiopia
Region:         Guji
Producer:      Ture Waji "The King of Guji"
Process:        Natural
Altitude:        2100-2350 masl
This one is just a cup of fun. Juicy & complex and opens up even more while cooling.
Ture Waji, famously known as ‘The King of Guji’, is the gentle ruler of Sookoo Coffee, located in the Woredas of Uraga and Shakisso. In this beautiful landscape of forest jungle  you can hear the workers singing cultural Guji songs while moving coffee around. While drying on raised African beds the cherries are moved 6 times a day to minimize over fermentation, etc. Total drying time is between 21-28 days.