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Wilfa Uniform Grinder (Slightly Used)

WIlfa Uniform Grinder (Slightly Used)

Tested for a week at home. A great little grinder developed along with Tim Wendelboe. We would keep it, but there is really only so many grinders we "need".
Normal price: 3499kr


- 220 Volt

- 58mm stainless steel flat burrs

- Even grind particle size for sweeter coffee with fuller mouthfeel - Extractions up to 21% that tastes sweet and not bitter (depending on coffee and roast level of course)

- 40 adjustment steps with small increments

- Grinds for espresso, Aeropress, pour over, filter coffee, french press. More or less every brew method known to date.

- The lid is a digital scale with 0,1g sensitivity. Connects with your Iphone or Andriod via Bluetooth. ( 3 x AAA batteries are not included)

- Download app to connect with scale and get brewing recipes and grind recommendations made by Tim Wendelboe.

- Anti static stainless steel grounds container that reduces mess

- 0,8g ground coffee retention

- Automatically stops grinding after the last bean has been ground

- Grinds slowly to prevent the coffee from over heating. That is good for flavour. - Easy to clean. Small brush included.

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