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La Quebrada

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Tastes like:

Berry delightful ;) Berries, currants a little lemon. Intense and lingering.


Variety: Pache, typica, bourbon

Altitude: 1700masl

Processing: Fully Washed

Crop year: 2017-2018


La Quebrada:

Owned by Jose Sanchez Campos Le Quebrada is a 2.5Ha farm in the La Palma community of Chirinos.

Chirinos is known for being one of the best quality areas of all of Peru partly thanks to it's altitude (1700masl in the case of La Quebrada).

Jose has been experimenting with better fertilization and fermentation techniques, all in the quest of quality improvement. He also believes that specialty coffee production should be achieved with respect for the environment and nature. He has therefore been replanting his farm and surroundings with native tree species providing homes for birds and other animals, shade for the farm and the added bonus of their foliage can be used for organic fertilizers.