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Huskee Cup

Reduce waste with our reusable coffee cups

Our reusable coffee cups are as sophisticated as they are sustainable. Huskee Cup is a revolutionary product which has been invented to help reduce the waste that the coffee industry produces each year. Over 500 billion takeaway cups pile up in landfill each year. As a result, it’s become our mission to be part of the effort to help fix this issue.

Our reusable cup isn’t any ordinary cup. This is because we have used coffee husks as a raw material to make the cup. This is an organic waste material that is produced at the milling stage of coffee production. Thus by supporting the Huskee Cup, you’re helping us to recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste from the production of coffee.

The features and benefits of our coffee cup

Our cup is both durable and sustainable with many great features and benefits. Not only is it great for the reduction of waste, but it’s also a very practical cup designed to impress.

Non-toxic and easy to clean

The HuskeeCup is a non-toxic (BPA Free) coffee cup that is dishwasher friendly and easy to clean. We have designed this cup with cleanliness in mind. As a result, this means there’s nowhere for the leftover residue to hide when you’ve given it a good wash. Additionally, we make sure that no dangerous materials or chemicals are used in the process to get the coffee husks.

Reusable coffee cup with lids and saucers

We’ve designed a universal lid and saucer that fits all sizes of HuskeeCup. These have been made from the same sustainable material we use in our cups. Additionally, if you’re a cafe, these universal lids & saucers stack securely and neatly. Thus reducing the storage space needed for your cups.

Beautifully designed with comfort in mind

Not only has our cup won multiple design awards, but it’s also comfortable to hold. Which is due to its heat reducing design and grip-able exterior. Our cup is globally recognized for its beautiful unique design.

HuskeeSwap for cafe’s & coffee drinkers on-the-go

To help solve the issue of single-use takeaway cups. We’ve created a global community of cafes and coffee drinkers who swap and exchange our reusable takeaway coffee cups. This help’s alleviate waste and also makes life much easier. Every time a customer orders a coffee, they will receive it in a new freshly cleaned cup. No more forgetting to clean your cup or leaving it at home in the sink. You can buy our reusable coffee cup easily from our online store.


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