Inza, Calderas - Colombia - 250g

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Origin:           Colombia

Region:          Cauca

Farm:             Calderas

Process:        Washed

Altitude:        1700-2000masl

Caramel, Orange, Pineapple & Lavender

This coffee comes from the Calderas indigenous reserve area where during the harvest they pick ripe cherry throughout the harvest with their families on the small plots of land. Each farm is about 2ha in size with on average about 0.9ha planted with coffee. This group consists of 80 producers in total. Once picked the coffee is then pulped and then left to ferment over night for 12 - 18 hours. The coffee is then floated to remove immatures and then taken to either parabolic tents or dried on roof patios. The coffee dries for 8 - 14 days weather depending.