Finca Noruega - El Salvador - 250g

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Origin:           El Salvador

Region:         Ahuachapán

Farm:            Beneficio San Rafael

Process:       Natural

Altitude:        1400-1500masl

Strawberry, Lime, Orange & Caramel. 

This lot is made up solely of Marigogype that was picked selectively before being taken to the wet mill and drying beds at Beneficio San Rafael located between the two hills of El Pilon and Cerro Aguila at 1450 masl. In the harvest this football field becomes filled with drying beds for all the coffees that come from the farms Los Angeles and Noruega. Here the Marigogype is washed and floated before then being laid out on drying beds for between 25 - 30  days where it is moved every hour until ready.