El Cedro - Peru - 250g

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This is the coffee we had to purchase and roast to send in for the qualification round for the national roasting competition. Soon the results of the qualification round will be released, likewise soon will some of this coffee be available for purchase.


Origin:        Peru

Region:       Jaén

Cultivar:      Caturra

Producer:   Jorge Chinguel Alberca

Process:      Washed

Altitude:     1880 masl


El Cedro farm has 2ha with planted coffee and it is located at 1880 masl in Sport Piura. This is where Jorge, together with his family, grows top-quality coffee. The Chinguel Alberca family have neighbouring farms and they all work together managing coffee production.

The optimal climatic conditions, great soil quality, and surrounding nature - as well as good farming practices - allowed them to achieve fantastic qualities.

This coffee is part of a series of organic coffees from small cooperatives in Peru that are all engaged in a reforestation program as part of a producer-led holistic solution to the complex sustainability challenges they face.