Donaldo Rafael González - Honduras - 250g

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Boozy, Funky, Black Currant, Sour Apple, Maple Syrup & Floral

Origin:           Honduras

Region:         Los Limos

Farm:            Sol Naciente

Process:       Macerated Natural

Produced by Donaldo Gonzalez Fiallos who is also the general manager and one of the founding members of the Aruco cooperative, as well as owning and managing his own farm, Sol Naciente. Cherries are cleaned and washed and then floated to remove any immatures.Then they are placed into barrels that are sealed to create an environment without oxygen for the cherry to continue to ferment and macerate in the barrels for 48 hours. In the barrel the temperature is monitored and kept around 22-25c in the shade at the wet mill.The coffee is then taken to the beds where it is dried for between 20 -30 days, weather depending, where it is turned hourly.